Top 10 recommendations from Finn (aged 7)

  1. Musee des Armes, Borj Nord. Lots of guns and cannons in this fortress, great for running through the tunnel like interior and spotting the biggest and scariest weapon. The roof too is great for views of Fez and climbing on although you have to be careful of the edges! Outside the medina on the North hill next to the Hotel Merinides
  2. Azrou market and Monkey forest, On a Tuesday there is a massive market in the middle Atlas mountains and we go there sometimes and I look for treasure. But the best is then going to the cedre forest and seeing the monkeys. Full day tour available via or Dar FinnAzrou market
  3. Central Park (Ville Nouvelle) I like to take my scooter and play with the other children there. We also hide in the plants and play pirates. Good café for orange juice and croissants. Behind Marche Central on Mohamed V in the new town.
  4. Fes International Camping ground, trek Sefrou. I go here in the summer as it has a big swimming pool and little one and we can play on the grass next to the pool too. It’s fun but we have to drive here in our car or get a petite taxi. (swimming 50dhs per person)
  5. Jnan Sibil, good park for running around sitting in the shade and hiding in the bamboo (not really allowed but we do it anyway). Outside the Medina opposite the place Boujloud.
  6. Café Clock, for chips and music on a Sunday night, I have been going here since I was 6 months old. 7 Derb Magana, off Talaa Kbira +21253563785
  7. The Ruined Garden, l like the gardens for exploring and catching bugs, or just sitting and drawing (I take my own pens and paper) with some popcorn makuda (potato cakes) and a glass of lemonade if I am allowed! 13/15 Derb Idrissy, Sidi Ahmed Chaoui, 10 mins from Dar Finn.
  8. Acherbine square for bissarra soup and bread, sometimes a bit hot but delicious.  FavasoupFez
  9. Musee Dar el-Batha, great for playing hide and seek. Really big space with fountains and fun for a picnic and reading books. In Batha opposite the side entrance of Hotel Batha.
  10. Bouj Fes. New shopping Mall, has a soft play area with games and rides and there are lots of places for ice cream – is really busy at night time and the weekend. Any petite taxi can take you here, around 10dhs from the medina.

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