We recommend you take a tour with one of our guides, the reason is to really understand the history of Fes Medina. To learn how it was in the 14th Century, why the architecture and the sculptures and tile works are so intricate, how families lived and live in the medina and, most importantly, glimpse the artisans at work as they weave yarns, beat enormous copper bowls and sharpen tools with age old equipment and methods passed on from father to son throughout the centuries. The tanneries are a highlight of Fez and you see where all the leather in Fes is hand dyed in colours naturally extracted from flowers and plants, then sent by donkey to dry on the hills surrounding the medina.If you continue the tour you will visit the Mellah (Jewish quarter), the King’s palace and maybe take a car to tour the ramparts or go to the tile factories on the outskirts of the medina, the use of a car will be extra.


Your guide will be happy to plan your tour with you and discuss what it is you specifically want to see, they will take you to selected shops to see the artisans at work, but it is not a shopping tour and you are not obliged to buy!

We have English, French, Italien, Spanish, German and Japanese speaking guides, but please book in advance if you require other than French or English speakers.




Fez is one of four imperial cities of Morocco, just 1,5 hour drive takes you to another splendid example, Meknes. The area around Meknes is one of the most fertile in Morocco, you will pass vineyards, endless fields of olive trees and fruit and vegetables fresh from the field for sale on the roadside. The fearsome, despot Moulay Ismail had the city of Meknes surrounded by enormous walls built by white slaves in the 1700’s these also house the most impressive gates of the Imperial Cities in Morocco.

Your driver will take you through the Meknes medina, where you can visit a food market and Moulay Ismail’s old stables, where he once kept over 12.000 horses. Next stop is the beautiful holy city of Moulay Idriss, where you will be free to walk around and have some lunch.


Finally, you will be brought to the impressive ruins of Volubilis, one of the most southern points of what was once the Roman Empire. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a substantial amount of artistic material, including mosaics, marble and bronze statuary, and hundreds of inscriptions.

You’ll be back at Dar Finn well in time to enjoy the sunset from our rooftop terrace.

Duration approx 7 hours
Entrance to Volubilis with guide 150dhs
Private taxi and driver 1000dhs 1-6 persons



Azrou marketAzrou is a mountain town at 1250m altitude and is known for it’s large weekly Tuesday souk. It is a big agricultural market also know for it’s carpets, rugs and cushions.  If you wish to make the souk in good time, we suggest you leave at 9am for the 1.5hr drive to Azrou . You can break up the journey with a stop in the leafy town of Immouzzer or the ‘Swiss style’ town of Ifrane where there are lots of outdoor cafes and picture opportunities.  Your driver will take you to the souk and then for lunch in Azrou at the outdoor grill cafes.

Excursions pic Azrou

 You can wander around the berber mountain town visit the shops at your leisure and  then drive back via the cedar forest and see the Barbary apes and walk among the ancient cedar trees.  Azrou, the middle atlas lakes and the cedar forest are well worth a visit any day as the air is fresh, the countryside scenic and it gives you an insight into rural Berber life in Morocco.

Duration approx 7 hour 

Private taxi and driver 1000dhs 1-6 persons






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