Alabama’s tornado count is at 10 following this week’s storms

At least 10 tornadoes hit Alabama during a round of severe weather Tuesday and Wednesday.

And that number could get even higher. The national weather service was still working on storm measurements on Friday and made determinations about storm damage.

The Birmingham Weather Service has confirmed eight tornadoes in central Alabama, including the Montgomery County storm that killed two people and injured two others.

And the Tallahassee, Fla., Weather Service confirmed a tornado in southeast Alabama.

The strongest tornado was in southwest Alabama. It was an EF-3 that started in Mississippi and tracked to Washington County and had peak winds of 140 miles per hour, according to the Mobile Weather Service.

The Birmingham Weather Service was still finalizing its numbers and said late Thursday weather forecasters were still working to determine whether the damage in Calhoun County was due to a tornado or straight-line winds. The weather service also said another storm survey is planned for places like Marengo County.

Here are the tornadoes confirmed so far:

1. Greene and Hale Counties (Eutaw-Oak Village Tornado). EF-1, 110mph wind. Trail length 19.49 miles, trail width 1,200 yards. No injuries. The tornado made landfall west of Eutaw at 9:44 p.m. Tuesday, then crossed Greene County Road 131 and struck the Sagewood apartment complex. One unit of the complex was badly damaged, others suffered minor damage. The tornado then moved east-northeast toward Highway 14, damaging several homes on Kirkwood Lane. The tornado moved toward the Black Warrior River and then into Hale County, damaging homes near the riverfront in the Oak Village community. The storm swept through Highway 42, damaging trees and causing minor damage to a home on Mileous Chapel Road. The weather service said due to the damage that the tornado probably had multiple vortices. The tornado dissipated shortly after crossing Alabama Highway 69.

2. Walker County (Tutwiler Road tornado). EF-0, 65mph wind. trail length 1.99 miles; Path width 50 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall along Tutwiler Road at 12:28 a.m. Wednesday, causing minor damage to trees. The Weather Service said the “weak, brief tornado had little impact.”

3. Blount County (Locust Fork tornado). EF-0, 65mph wind. trail length 2.53 miles; Path width 500 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall near Deaver Walker and Campbell streets at 12:58 a.m. Wednesday. It caused some tree damage along Campbell Road and minor damage to the roofs of two buildings. The tornado moved east across Tabernacle Road and County Road 13, damaging some trees and dissipating before crossing Highway 79.

4. Washington County (Greene County, Miss., to the Washington County tornado). EF-3, 140mph wind. trail length 19.15 miles; Path width 500 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall near Highway 57 in Greene County, Mississippi, at 2:27 a.m. Wednesday and continued east to northeast and into Washington County, Alabama. The tornado hit Fruitdale High School, damaging windows and the roof and also damaging nearby homes. Widespread damage to trees and power lines was noted in the Fruitdale area. The tornado moved northeast and intensified, peaking near Baxter McIllwain Road. Damage to “countless” trees was observed, resulting in a rating of EF-3. The tornado moved east through the Tibbie area, causing extensive damage to additional trees and a roof along Leo and Boyd Willie Parnell Road. The tornado lifted off east of Clarke Place Road.

5. Elmore and Montgomery counties (Flatwood-Willow Springs tornado). EF-2, 120mph wind. trail length 9.92 miles; Path width 650 meters. Two dead and two injured. The tornado made landfall in southwest Elmore County west of the Alabama River Parkway at 3:14 a.m. Wednesday. It crossed the Alabama River just north of the toll bridge in Montgomery County and continued east to northeast, cutting down trees along its path. It intensified as it reached Williams Drive, rolling an unanchored prefab and injuring the person inside. The tornado continued on Williams Drive, damaging another manufactured home and the roof of one home. Two prefab houses immediately west of Franson Road were destroyed but the occupancy status of both houses was unknown. The tornado moved into the Flatwood area, damaging the roofs of many homes and downing trees. One of the trees fell on a prefabricated house, killing two people and seriously injuring one person. The concrete walls of a community center collapsed in the storm. The tornado crossed Lower Wetumpka Road twice, destroying the roof of a house. The tornado then crossed the Tallapoosa River and back into Elmore County, cutting down more trees on the west side of Highway 231. The tornado broke up south of Willow Springs Road east of Ross Ridge Lane.

6. Elmore County (New Quarter Road tornado). EF-2, wind 115 mph. Path length 6.26 miles; Path width 400 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall in southeast Elmore County along Rock Springs Road north of Rifle Range Road at 3:38 a.m. Wednesday. It headed northeast, breaking trees along Dark Corners Road and New Quarter Road. The roof of a house suffered significant damage and a wall on New Quarter Road collapsed. The tornado continued northeast and dissipated before hitting Highway 229.

7. Pike County (Buckhorn tornado). EF-0, 70mph wind. trail length 1.42 miles; Path width 150 meters. No injuries. The tornado touched down briefly at 5:42 a.m. Wednesday along County Road 6643 east of Highway 130 in northeastern Pike County. Tree damage was noted along County Road 6643. The tornado lifted as it crossed Buckhorn Creek.

8. Pike County (Barefoot Road tornado). EF-0, 75mph wind. trail length 0.79 miles; Path width 150 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall between Ten Mile Road and Barefoot Road at 5:45 a.m. Wednesday. It damaged trees as it crossed Barefoot Road and quickly took off between Barefoot Road and Pike County Road 4420.

9. Barbour County (Texasville tornado). EF-0, 80mph wind. trail length 6.60 miles; Path width 300 meters. The tornado made landfall between Stark Brothers Road and County Road 53 northeast of Texasville at 6:11 a.m. Wednesday. The tornado crossed County Road 53 and moved east to the intersection of Alabama Highway 131 and County Road 20, where part of a tree fell onto the road, causing a car crash. The tornado paralleled Highway 131 and struck a chicken farm, causing significant damage to all four chicken coops. The tornado also damaged an indoor riding arena before crossing County Road 67 and dissipating.

10th district of Geneva (Slocomb tornado). EF-1, 95mph wind. trail length 1.79 miles; Path width 50 meters. No injuries. The tornado made landfall along Hundley Road near Slocomb at 6:42am Wednesday, causing extensive roof damage to a house and carport. The rear window of a car was also smashed. The tornado moved southeast and across McCollough Road, lifting off near the intersection of McCollough Road and Green Road.