Bama in a Box promotes small businesses and encourages shoppers to keep Holiday Dollars in Alabama




Bama in a Box (, an online retailer based in Troy, Alabama, has launched a holiday shopping campaign to encourage Alabama to leave their holiday shopping in Alabama while supporting small businesses across the state.

Bama in a Box was launched during the pandemic to provide consumers with access to quality products while giving small businesses in Alabama that lacked many marketing budgets access to new customers. Now, Bama in a Box wants to make the same “shop local” mentality that took center stage during the enforced pandemic shutdowns a hot topic for holiday shoppers.

“The majority of the gift budget of almost every household is spent during the Christmas season,” explains Angi Horn, owner of Bama in a Box. “Choosing to buy your holiday gifts from Alabama-owned companies rather than from large national and international companies means Alabama-based companies are benefiting from your holiday shopping, rather than outside-based companies of the state or country.”

Bama in a Box seeks to make the Alabama Christmas shopping process as easy as possible by curating a wide selection of special gift boxes made entirely of Alabama-made products. These boxes are designed to fill almost any need on most holiday shopping lists, and each item included is an Alabama-made item by an Alabama-based company.

“Each special gift box that Bama in a Box has for Christmas represents five to seven small businesses in Alabama,” Horn said. “With every gift, you’re giving your money to Alabama entrepreneurs across the state, and you’re keeping your tax dollars in Alabama to help our schools, our hospitals, and our streets, rather than sending it out of the state where you see no benefit.”

“We’re trying to make shopping in Alabama easier by creating a one-stop shop, but we just want everyone to buy from Alabama-owned businesses,” Horn said. “If they buy from us, great. If they’re buying from another company in Alabama, that’s great too. Just buy Alabama.”


Bama in a Box was born out of the frustration caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. As a small business owner, Angi Horn understood firsthand how tough pandemic regulations have been for small businesses. As a consumer, she realized how difficult it was to find products made in America and even harder to find those made in Alabama.

After doing some research, she found that more than 500 high-quality products that most people use regularly are made right here in Alabama. After speaking with her co-worker, Laney Kelley, she realized that small Alabama businesses needed a more convenient way to introduce their products to potential customers and that people needed more convenient access to Alabama-made products.

So baby in a box was born.