Improvements on the horizon as ADN approaches five years

By TODD STACY, Alabama Daily News

Some exciting developments are happening in the world of the Alabama Daily News as we approach our fifth fiscal year this January.

First, we have a new, redesigned website! Do you like it?

It would be an understatement to say that we’ve grown beyond our old digs in both design and server space. The old site was never designed to handle the kind of traffic that ADN routinely sees now, so it experienced occasional crashes or slowdowns when stories went viral. These are now a thing of the past as our new website and dedicated server are designed for speed and convenience.

The new website is more readable and user-friendly, with a fresh color scheme and a responsive, magazine-like feel. You’ll find that stories are categorized to make them easier to find by topic or search. We also have dedicated sections for Inside Alabama Politics, Commentary, the Daily News Digest, and current affairs like the upcoming 2023 legislative session. We’re also toying with the idea of ​​creating a comment section for ADN insiders. Thoughts on this are welcome.

I’m also excited to announce that we’re finally bringing back the In the Weeds with Alabama Daily News podcast. It’s a shame it ever went away, as it only grew in popularity once we stopped recording. The truth is that hosting a podcast can be quite time-consuming, and when I was appointed host of the Capitol Journal on Alabama Public Television, my time became extremely tight. Thankfully, podcast technology has since improved and so has my time management.

We don’t do much editing here at ADN, but I’m often asked for further analysis, which we provided in the early days. In the Weeds is the perfect medium to allow Mary and I to break down what’s happening in the world of politics in Alabama, with analysis and interesting guests. Our aim is to release weekly, but I haven’t decided on a day yet. Suggestions welcome!

Finally, we introduce a new featured columnist at ADN. Stephen Boyd, a veteran Washington politician who recently left Capitol Hill for the private sector after nearly two decades in government, will contribute a weekly column updating ADN readers on what’s happening in Washington from his perspective happened from Alabama. There are few, if any, Alabamaans more involved in DC politics than Stephen. Having served as House Chief of Staff, Senate Chief of Staff and Assistant Attorney General of the United States, his experience informs his perspective.

As I try to keep up to date on DC politics, I’m no longer able to offer the kind of direct insight into what the delegation is doing that I was able to do four or five years ago when I did had just retired. I feel like we’ve been missing that DC connection at ADN for a while and this is the perfect way to offer it. I predict that Stephen’s column will soon become required reading among Alabama politicians. Check out my Q&A with him for a preview of what to expect.

That’s it for now. I should also note that we are hiring! The Alabama Daily News is seeking a reporter to help us cover state government and politics with our unique brand of quality, fair, and informative news with an insider’s perspective. As you may remember, our last state government and political reporter, Caroline Beck, got a great job The Indianapolis Star some time back. Although we hated losing Caroline, it shows how ADN can be a launching pad for a young journalist beginning his career. Become part of our team.

Thank you for reading the Alabama Daily News. Special thanks to our sponsors, Capital News Service member newspapers and paying ADN Insiders for supporting ADN and enabling our growth.