There’s “no problem” with Ohio state above Alabama in the CFP rankings, says Greg McElroy

The penultimate college football playoff rankings were released Tuesday night, with Alabama checking in as the top-ranked team with two losses (No. 6). Ohio State, who suffered an embarrassing 45-23 loss to rival Michigan in the finals of the regular season, finished one spot up at No. 5. Despite the Buckeyes’ loss at the end of the season, former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy agreed State of Ohio to be ranked ahead of the Crimson Tide due to their one-loss status.

“I have no problem with Alabama being No. 6. I have no problem with Ohio State being No. 5,” McElroy said on ESPN’s Always College Football. “Ohio State has one loss, Alabama has two — it’s not that complicated. Two are worse than one; therefore, according to the committee, Alabama must be behind Ohio State.”

On Tuesday, CFP Selection Committee Chairman Boo Corrigan announced that the committee will oversee the top four in their respective conference championship games. He also said that Ohio State was favored over Alabama due to its victories over Notre Dame and Penn State.

“There are four teams ahead of them who still have games to play that we have to get through this weekend.” Corrigan said in an appearance on ESPN. “We looked at Ohio State and the victories they have over Notre Dame and Penn State. They look at Alabama and their big wins are against Texas and the state of Mississippi.

“[Alabama] has a couple of games where they were also close, two close losses. But in the minds of the committee, we got back to Ohio at five and Alabama at six.”

Despite losing to Tennessee earlier in the season, Alabama was placed ahead of the Volunteers due to their shocking 63-38 loss to South Carolina in Week 12.

There was a lot of discussion on the committee,” Corrigan said of Alabama, which ranks ahead of Tennessee. “The value of head-to-head is certainly one of the criteria we look at. We’re looking at an entire work. Somewhere in there you have to measure the loss Tennessee had to South Carolina. Going through that was part of the determination to have Alabama ahead of Tennessee.”

Corrigan said Ohio State’s performance against Michigan cannot be judged solely on the final score.

“The game was tight early in the fourth quarter,” said Corrigan. “Even so, you can’t completely dismiss the way the fourth quarter ended with Michigan taking over the game late there. There’s a lot of respect for Ohio State in the room and the victories they’ve had this year. Again, looking at all of the work, it was certainly something we looked at, but it wasn’t a blowout; let us continue.

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Charlie Potter contributed to this article.