What does losing TCU mean for Ohio State, Alabama’s playoff hopes?

TCU falling to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game for the first time this season could hurt Ohio State’s and potentially Alabama’s chances of making the college football playoffs.

And then there were only two undefeated teams in major college football…

Despite a valiant effort from Heisman Trophy hopeful Max Duggan, the TCU Horned Frogs fell three points short of perfection against the Kansas State Wildcats in the Big 12 Championship Game. Win or lose, Kansas State was headed for the Sugar Bowl. Although TCU’s chances of making the playoffs are still good even with a loss, people love debating things, okay.

So what does this mean for teams like Ohio State and Alabama who aren’t playing this weekend?

What does TCU’s loss mean for Ohio State’s college football playoff hopes?

Though Ohio State was likely in line to form the four-team field after USC suffered its second loss of the season in the Pac-12 championship game to Utah, the TCU drop for the first time this year gives the Buckeyes an even stronger one idea of ​​you getting in. However, they won’t be higher than the #3, even if they somehow surpassed TCU…

Assuming No. 1 Georgia and No. 2 Michigan go about the business in their respective conference championship games, Ohio State will likely face Georgia in their national semifinal game at the Peach Bowl. If Georgia loses to LSU and Michigan beats Purdue, could the Buckeyes face the Wolverines again in an immediate rematch for them, possibly at the Fiesta Bowl?

Ohio State may have suffered a home loss to Michigan, but this will be a top-four team.

What does TCU’s loss mean for Alabama’s college football playoff hopes?

When it comes to Alabama, losing TCU by a field goal in overtime in a regular-season rematch against Kansas State doesn’t help the Crimson Tide at all. Had the Horned Frogs been blown out by the Wildcats, the Crimson Tide might have a chance to sneak up to No. 4. However, two losses by four points are still worse than a loss by just three.

The big key here is this. The selection committee will not penalize TCU for playing an extra game that they lost by just one point compared to an Alabama team that didn’t even win its own division. The chaos had to be ridiculously in Alabama’s favor for the Crimson Tide to stand a chance of getting in. Unfortunately, Alabama will have to settle for playing Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl…

Georgia, Michigan, TCU and the state of Ohio should jump in, with only the seeding to be decided.

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