E-Commerce Grows in Indiana | 95.3MNC

A journalist looks at a computer screen with web pages arranged to show Cyber ​​Monday deals from various online retailers, Monday, November 26, 2018 in New York. The physical rush of Black Friday and armchair browsing on Cyber ​​Monday are increasingly merging into one major holiday shopping event as more shoppers buy items online and collect them in brick-and-mortar stores. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

You can be one of thousands of people employed in e-commerce in Indiana. If you aren’t, your life is most likely still being influenced by what you do, fulfilling orders, shipping products and delivering goods that have been ordered over the internet from around the world. This business is growing and becoming one of the leading industries in the state.

“Indiana has long been a leader in warehouse distribution and fulfillment in central Indiana. But what we’ve seen over the past several years is the growth of the e-commerce market across all corridors across the state,” said Bryace Carpenter, Sr. Vice Pres. by Conexus on Inside Indiana Business.

Conexus is a company promoting advanced manufacturing in Indiana.

Carpenter pointed out in his interview with IIB that large Amazon investments in Ft. wayne The River Ridge Commerce Center in southeastern Indiana has also emerged as a center for e-commerce.

“During the pandemic, consumer patterns have obviously changed. We initially saw a 40 percent increase in in-state freight traffic. That has normalized a bit. But a lot of patterns were created,” said Carpenter.

In other words, more people have been ordering through the internet and much of that business has remained stable, meaning more e-commerce centers are needed and more staff are needed to fill positions. But as technology has advanced, most ecommerce businesses have made adjustments.

“Companies have come and made these investments to support their employees with technology,” Carpenter said, meaning robots and machines are doing some of the work. That’s one of the reasons why you might not see as many of the seasonal jobs available as you traditionally do during the holidays.

However, something is lost and something gained. According to Carpenter, Indiana is becoming a leading trading company because of its geographic location.

“With the multi-state partnership on the bridge that will better connect I-69 to Kentucky and truly become a more distinct north-south corridor for international trade between Canada and Mexico,” Carpenter said, adding that he believes that this will open up some new opportunities for Evansville.

“Indiana will continue to diversify and not just be a central Indiana-centric e-commerce leader.”