Indiana AG files a medical complaint against a doctor who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old girl

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita (R) said Wednesday he had filed a complaint with the state’s medical licensing board, asking them to investigate an Indianapolis doctor who aborted a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim.

The complaint alleges Caitlin Bernard violated federal and Indiana laws regarding patient privacy and child abuse reporting by sharing the girl’s story with the press “to advance her political agenda.”

Rokita said Bernard also failed to immediately report the abuse and rape that led to the girl’s pregnancy to state authorities.

“DR. Bernard violated the law, her patient’s trust and the standards of the medical profession when she disclosed her patient’s abuse, medical problems and medical treatment to a reporter at an abortion rights rally to further her political agenda to move forward,” Rokita’s office said in a statement.

Rokita’s office did not say what type of punishment it was seeking, saying “It is for the Medical Licensing Board to determine if there are consequences.”

Bernard said she performed the abortion in June, days after the Supreme Court decision Roe v. to fall Wade. The girl traveled from Ohio and was referred to Bernard because abortions were illegal under Ohio’s newly enacted trigger law.

As Bernard’s actions gained national attention, some news outlets and Republican politicians — including the Ohio Attorney General — falsely claimed that Bernard made up the story and that the girl didn’t exist.

After this was confirmed, Rokita said publicly on platforms including Fox News that he intends to investigate whether Bernard filed the correct abortion notices under Indiana state law.

Shortly after Rokita made his public statements about Bernard, her employer, Indiana University Health, released a statement saying it had found no evidence that Bernard failed to comply with privacy laws.

Records obtained from various media outlets showed that Bernard submitted a report to the Indiana Department of Health and Human Services within the required three-day window.

Bernard sues Rokita to prevent his office from accessing confidential medical records it requested as part of an investigation into her medical practice.

In a statement, Bernard’s attorney described the complaint as “a last-ditch effort to bring Dr. Intimidate Bernard and other abortion care providers.”

“While I’m disappointed he put my client in this position, we’re not surprised considering Mr. Rokita consistently seeks to use his office to punish those he disagrees with, on.” Indiana taxpayer’s expense,” said Kathleen DeLaney of DeLaney & Delaney LLC.