Indiana school has the most 2022 Staples graduates

WESTPORT — College admissions reports and standardized test scores from the Staples High School class of 2022 show that 93 percent of the class are attending a four-year university, with the most popular location being Indiana University.

“By and large, our students ended up in a really good place, as we see every year,” director of school counseling William Plunkett recently told the school board.

The Annual College Admissions and Standardized Testing Report, now in its second year, showed a decline in overall college enrollments, although there was an “increase in applications to most and very selective colleges.”

The first report was prepared for the Class of 2021 at the request of Superintendent Thomas Scarice. The University of Connecticut and Syracuse University had the most students participating that year, with 16 each. Indiana University placed third with 15.

The most recent report showed that the University of Connecticut was the number one college the Class of 2022 had applied to, with 125 applications. Pennsylvania State University followed with 79 applications, then the University of Maryland with 78, the University of Wisconsin with 76, and Syracuse University with 74.