Filming in Albuquerque will follow Aggies throughout the season


As the New Mexico State men’s basketball coach, Greg Heiar will win many rivalry basketball games.

There is no doubt about it.

He won his first in a dominant manner as the Aggies beat rival UTEP 95-70 at the Pan American Center on Wednesday.

New Mexico men’s basketball outperforms UTEP wire-to-wire

But right or wrong, the events of November 19 in Albuquerque will cast a shadow over his first season at Las Cruces, as information from the university and state police was hard to come by in the early stages of an ongoing investigation.

As the director of the most famous program on campus, Heiar this week claimed responsibility for the actions of 21-year-old Mike Peake, the Aggies player involved in a shootout that killed a UNM student and left Peake in the hospital afterwards Shot in the leg when police say he fired back, killing UNM student Brandon Travis, who police documents say conspired with three other UNM students to lure Peake onto campus around 3 a.m.

NMSU head basketball coach Greg Heiar reacts during a game against UTEP at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

“I would say that in life, when you’re part of a family and someone in the family makes a mistake, sometimes everyone in the family is looked at for that mistake,” Heiar said Tuesday in his first public comments since the shooting. “There are many people who have done the right thing. We all suffer from a mistake that has been made. So life is.”