MADD New Mexico Hosts Candlelight Vigil December 8th

MAAD New Mexico News:

ALBUQUERQUE — Mothers Against Drunk Driving ® (MADD) New Mexico and will be holding a candlelight vigil in honor of them on Thursday, December 8th lost or injured to impaired driving in New Mexico.

The vigil is part of MADD’s yearbook Campaign to kick off a safe 2022 holiday season and celebrate 35 years of Designated Driver. MADD encourages everyone to show their commitment to self-sustaining and Protect our communities by displaying a red or magnetic MADD Tie One On for Safety ribbon stickers on their vehicles and by always choosing a non-alcoholic, non-impaired driver.

To learn For more on Tie One On for Safety and grab your red ribbon, check out MADD New Mexico Office, 3411 Candelaria Rd NE, Suite B, Albuquerque or visit Learn more.

“Whether you’re going out for a holiday or throwing a party, always think of yours designated driver,” said Katrina Latka, executive director of MADD New Mexico Affiliate. “Everyone can help keep our holiday season merry by planning ahead for the celebrations contain alcohol. Take personal responsibility for your trip by choosing a non-alcoholic, unhindered drivers and remember to include alcohol free options for the designated drivers the guests are in your house.”

MADD’s Candlelight Vigil is hosted by the Strong-Thorne Mortuary, 100 Coal Ave SE, Albuquerque, Dec. 8, 6 p.m. Everyone is cordially invited to take part.

The holidays are among the most dangerous times on our country’s roads, with more people travelling, an increased number of events serving alcohol and a surge driving drunk There between 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Eve to New Year’s Eve 2020 1,133 people died from drunk driving nationwide, accounting for 30 percent of all cases Road fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). in the In addition, a new study by NHTSA shows an alarming 7% increase in alcohol-related accidents in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 2021.

“With so many options like Uber and Lyft, taxis and public transit today no excuse to drive with alcohol or other drugs,” Latka said. learn more about it how to safely entertain party guests this holiday season, Visit here.

Since 1986, MADD has helped make the Designated Driver a household name its longest-running annual public awareness campaign, Tie One On for Safety. That red Ribbon campaign takes place annually in November and December. December is too National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, a designation proclaimed by all of the United States President since 1981.

MADD thanks all law enforcement officers who will be working harder than ever Holiday season to protect the public from drunk driving through increased checks and driving Enforcement efforts sober or withdrawn. MADD appreciates their enforcement highly visible checkpoints and saturation patrols to keep our roads safe.

MADD is also working with Cumulus Media to provide free ride codes during Uber Christmas and New Year holidays. The Take A Ride On Us program is a collaborative effort with Cumulus, Bernalillo County, Sandoval County, NMDOT/endwi, MADD New Mexico and Whitener Law Firm. Promotional codes will be announced on Cumulus Media radio stations, as well as via social media platforms. Interested drivers can get a $10 discount while driving the vacation time.

About mothers against drunk driving

Mothers Against was founded in 1980 by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver Drunk Driving ® (MADD) is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization working to end drunk driving and help Fighting drug-driving, supporting the victims of these violent crimes and preventing minors Drink. MADD has helped save over 390,000 lives and further reduced drunk driving deaths than 50 percent and encourage the designation of a drunk driver. MADD’s campaign too Eliminate Drunk Driving ® calls for law enforcement assistance, ignition lockouts for everyone Criminals and advanced vehicle technology. MADD has provided support services for nearly a million drunk and drugged drivers and survivors through for free local victim advocates and the 24-hour victim helpline 1-877-MADD-HELP. Visit or call 1-877-ASK-MADD.

About Waymo

MADD is grateful for the partnership of its National Tie One On for Safety presentation Sponsor Waymo. Because of the work of strategic partners like Waymo, MADD is confident that achieving a future without sacrifice is more attainable. But to get there we will need everyone to join our lifesaving work by making plans before the celebrations begin, Appointing a non-drinking, non-consuming driver and buckle up this holiday season.

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