Philly DA Larry Krasner is asking the court to stop the ‘illegal’ impeachment

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner filed a legal motion challenging the Senate vote to advance the General Assembly’s decision to impeach him.

Krasner’s petition states that the decision to indict the Philadelphia attorney general is unlawful. A continuation of the process would have “serious effects on the exercise of power by the legislature to attack political dissidents,” he said.

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Krasner’s petition contains three arguments for why impeachment should be declared illegal.

The first is that the amended articles of impeachment adopted in the 206th General Assembly will not be carried over into the current General Assembly under the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Krasner’s second argument is that he is not subject to impeachment because the state’s constitution does not permit impeachment of the prosecutor. After all, he is not a civil officer, but a local official.

The third argument is that the amended Articles of Impeachment do not allege conduct that would qualify as misconduct, which would be grounds for impeachment.

“Our courts are the bulwark to stop attempts by a majority political party to weaponize the impeachment powers of the General Assembly against elected local officials of another party to reverse the outcome of a local election,” the petition reads. “Leave unchecked, the gate will be wide open. The Commonwealth Constitution and the rule of law cannot allow this.

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Krasner lists Sen. Kim Ward (Westmoreland County), Rep. Tim Bonner (Mercer/Butler County), Rep. Craig Williams (Delaware/Chester County), and Rep. Jared Solomon (Philadelphia) as defendants in the petition.

Krasner also stated that the impeachment process was unlawful as the 2021-22 legislative session ended on November 30.

Krasner has until December 21 to submit an official response to the charges. The trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 18 after the Senate formally voted to accept the charges against prosecutors earlier this week.

On November 16, the pa voted. House by a vote of 107 to 85 to impeach Krasner. In October, when the impeachment articles were introduced, Republicans said the Pa. House, Philadelphia is riddled with crime and Krasner’s progressive ideology has failed the city.

“These are the consequences of District Attorney Larry Krasner’s failure in office,” said Rep. Martina White. “No civil servant is above the law.”